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Founded in the 1950s, the company began by marketing electronic tubes. Over the years, the inventory has grown considerably.

A few decades later, instead of seeking to expand into franchised distribution, the company opted for a niche service, the supply of obsolete or hard-to-find components.

The expertise of research

Nowadays, the Internet has certainly revolutionized our business, but we still need the right tools and the experience to select the most relevant source in conditions of technical and financial security.

The price but especially the reliability

As we operate mainly in the secondary market, the lack of traceability means that we have to qualify our sources and, if necessary, call in test laboratories. In sensitive sectors such as industry, transport and the military, avoiding the risk of counterfeit components remains our priority.

Offers & Services

In order to find reliable information quickly, we have set up a search engine that gives you direct access to the products we can provide.

We insist on the fact that we do not practice "cost saving" or "kitting", our service focuses only on obsolete products and/or products in shortage.

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The most marketed product categories:

  • Electronic tubes (transmission-reception, radar, microwave, Geiger Muller counters, ...)
  • Semiconductors: Diodes, transistors, triacs, thyristors, logic and analog circuits, microprocessors, darlington and IGBT power modules, ...
  • Passive components: resistors, capacitors, inductors, quartz and oscillators, relays, switches, connectors, etc.

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Areas of intervention

  • Curative or preventive maintenance
  • Refabrication of small/medium series of old electronic boards.
  • To face a shortage on components to launch the production.

Aeronautics and Defense

CIEL ELECTRONIQUE is referenced by NATO services under the identifier FA472.The armed forces regularly call on us, often via central purchasing agencies.We rigorously respect the constraints related to NSN. Despite the long life cycles of defense manufacturers, we often manage to solve needs using confidential sources that are not on the Internet.

Rail, sea or air transport

The life cycles of equipment in this sector are often several decades long and the need for obsolete components is therefore frequent. Safety requirements impose homologations, hence the absolute necessity to respect the brands and specifications of the products supplied.

Industry sourcing

Whether in the automotive, industrial or other sectors, OEMs/CEMs are sometimes, and often at the moment, confronted with shortages that block production lines.Our role is therefore to locate parts in stock on the second market to ROHS standards. In the absence of traceability, the reliability of the source is essential. If necessary, a laboratory visit with X-ray inspection allows us to supply the parts in complete safety.

Industrial or military maintenance

Whether it is for curative or preventive maintenance, maintenance services are often confronted with short or even immediate deadline requirements. Installations, means of transport or factories can be stopped. Our stock, one of the largest in Europe, allows us to deal with emergencies.

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Generally speaking, we sell more of a service than a product.
So don't hesitate to contextualize your needs and consider us as a partner first.

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