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A component is obsolete or unavailable from your franchised distributors, that's where we come in.

You can generate a request through our search engine by checking that the product is well managed by our services or you can make a request directly to us.

Areas of intervention

  • Curative or preventive maintenance
  • Refabrication of small/medium series of old electronic boards.
  • To face a shortage on components to launch the production.

Testing laboratory

At your request or if we need to remove any doubt, we can involve an independent laboratory during the procurement process (tests, measurements, selection, X-ray and CT scans). The costs of this service will be at your charge or included in our offer.

Purchase of excess inventory

If you have stocks that will no longer be used by your services, do not hesitate to send us the list in the form of a file and/or representative photos of your overstocks. As soon as we receive it, we will make you a buy-back proposal.

An extended service

For our regular customers, we can also involve our networks in areas related to electronic components. Indeed, obsolescence also affects fields such as computer science, electrical engineering, robotics etc...

4 opportunities to save time

1. To solve an availability problem

2. To meet a price objective

3. To quickly master the "market" context of your request

4. To group different product categories in the same order


Target your need

In order to gain in efficiency, send us only the products that your franchised suppliers cannot provide. Indeed, as we do not do cost saving or kitting, it is useless to send us complete bills of material.


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